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Arealics - Area Limiter System

The Arealics system is designed for hydraulic excavators but can also be used on any other machine with moving arms. It is a combination of our well-known Heighlics height limiter and a slew restrictor, which uses magnetic pulses. The operator sets the maximum working height, slew and area of the machine.
The system is activated by and displayed on the touchscreen display in the cabin.
When a mast section of the machine exceeds the set parameters, the Arealics system will block unsafe movements and only allow further movements within the safe working area. This prevents damage and injury to plant and personnel.

As an option, the system can be equipped to proportionally reduce the speed as the parameters are reached to prevent abrupt movements.

The Arealics system meets Class II safety requirements. Optionally, Class III/IV safety systems can be supplied, especially for railway use.



  • 4.3” touch-screen display.
  • Waterproof stainless steel angle sensors.
  • CAN-bus connections.
  • Two independently adjustable virtual walls.
  • Maximum use of limited space.
  • Up to 7 boom sections/extensions.
  • Built-in datalogger.
  • Can be mounted on new or existing machines.