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Helics – Excavator Rated Capacity Limitation

The Helics MkII safe load system is specially made to be used on excavators being machines with multiple moving arms. It is designed to comply to the latest European EN 13000 standard but also complies to e.g. the Australian AS 1418. It protects the machine from being overloaded in any position. To define these situations, we have a special test platform which can simulate all positions of the excavator and maximum loads. In this way we obtain the correct load chart for that particular machine.

The system is equipped with a 7” touch screen display. This display informs the operator of the actual radius and the load in the hook. It shows the permitted maximum load in that position and achievable radius with that load. It also allows selection of all different hoisting configurations, like on wheels, outriggers, dozer blade etc. And the use of a range of tools like different jibs, extensions, tools, winches etc.

Customer required adaption’s and changes can be done fast and easy, as we have our own team of programmers and construction engineers.


  • 7” touch screen display.
  • Waterproof stainless steel angle indicators.
  • Special designed hydraulic electric cut out valve blocks.
  • An exact radius and load can be instantly calculated on machines with up to seven individual moving or extending arms.
  • Many programs are possible, e.g.: over front, side and rear, on tires or supported by outriggers or blade. Also many different tool programmes are possible.
  • Standard integrated height limiter.
  • Optional: radius, slew and area limiter, section overload protection, tanden crane hoisting, virtual wall etc...
  • Special customer requirements
  • The machine conversion is complete including, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic adaptions.
  • Quick fitting (normally 1 week to equip, calibrate and test a machine).
  • Economically priced.