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Agri-load - Weighing system for agricultural trailers

Agri-Load is a universal weighing system for a variety of trailers, such as solid fertilizer spreaders, silage, self-loading trailers and semi-trailers. It is to build a non-suspension, mechanical-hydraulic suspension and trailers. The system weighs the net charge of the trailer and displays it in the cabin on the touch screen display.

In the display there is the possibility to enter customer, product and plot data. When a weighting is stored, it is coupled to the input data. Using the SD card you can transfer and edit all the data to your PC with Excel. The system also provides the ability to connect a printer and print directly a weighing note in the cabin.


  • Accuracy: 1-2% deviation from the maximum permissible load.
  • Graphic display with touchscreen.
  • Easy to use mounting.
  • To be mounted on new and existing trailers.
  • Import product, customer and parcel data.
  • Data transfer via SD card.
  • Ability to connect printer in the cab.